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Blog Post: Axel + Shadow: life in wood

Creating a wood memorial for Axel Reiswig was a heartfelt, yet complex task. The design encapsulated Axel’s passions – his love for cars, music, and his loyal dog Shadow. The aerodynamic form illustrates his interest in vehicles, while the gentle curves hint at his musical affinity. The teardrops encapsulate the motion of life and sorrow. The intricate design serves not just as a homage to Axel’s life but also as a symbol of the unending grief and love held by his family.

Coffee Table Flow

Blog Post: The Art of Flow in Furniture Design

In a brave quest to conquer the world of furniture design, our quirky artisan transforms the philosophic concept of ‘flow’ into a stunning coffee table. Inspired by a riverbank’s slow erosion, the project navigates a challenging path of jagged edges and crafty coopers, finally settling on ‘Funk Shui’, or handcrafted harmony. Always passionate, often whimsical, our furniture wizard takes you from bean-shaped couch cuddles to sunrise tambour doors, culminating in an inspired course, ‘The Learning Curve’. Prepare to defriction your life with a table that doesn’t just hold your coffee—it cradles your soul.

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Woodworking Tool and Accoutrement Recommendations from Nick Here’s a few items that have accumulated on my recommendation list from YouTube: Recommendations: Premium tees, plans, and more > to support the channel Game Changers $100 OFF PantoRouter w/ ‘SAWYER20’ Shaper Origin Handheld CNC Router Shaper Workstation LEATHER POUCH 10% off HNT …

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